Inside be quiet!

Which PC case is the right one for me?

Choosing a PC case is not a trivial thing – there are countless models with even more features available. Of course you can go the easy way: Head for the next electronics store, choose the case with the nicest shine, pay around 60 Euro and be done with it. But more often than not the alleged bargain turns out to be a nightmare – with a vibrating case, rumbling fans and jammed power switch. A PC case is really not something to be stingy with. Today we want to give you an overview of what you can expect from our be quiet! range – and which models are right for which kind of user:

Our entry-level category in the world of high-quality PC cases is called „Essential“ and presents you the Pure Base 600. This case offers the best combination of silence and flexibility features for a very reasonable price, is completely sound-insulated, equipped with two extremely quiet Pure Wings 2 fans and an adjustable top cover vent for enhanced cooling options – which makes it very suitable for top-mounted radiators. A great all-rounder which leaves nothing to be desired for the regular user. Available with or without a temper-glass side panel window.
The next higher category is „Premium“ and offers two cases: Silent Base 601 and Silent Base 801. Both target the advanced user who longs for a straightforward handling, and offer many sophisticated silence features, lots of room for high-end hardware and two respectively three Pure Wings 2 fans for perfect air circulation and extremely quiet operation. Both cases are once again available with an optional temper-glass side window.
Which brings us directly to the „High-End“ region. Here our crown jewels await, and they shine in beautiful Black: Our Dark Base series. These cases offer everything, absolutely everything: Tons of space for even the most out-there hardware, an optionally inverted layout, amazing sound-insulation and of course a whisper-quiet operation thanks to our very own Silent Wings 3 premium fans. This is the case for you if you are a power user or professional modder. For the average user on the other hand the sheer amount of features this massive beast offers could be overwhelming. The „smallest“ model in this category is our Dark Base 700 – while the brand-new Dark Base Pro 900 rev. 2 marks our spearhead.