No compromise silence and performance

The Dark Power 12 is the most efficient power supply series be quiet! has ever built. Featuring an unrivaled efficiency of up to 95.9% resulting in an 80 PLUS® Titanium certification, and fully digital control of PFC and LLC+SR/12V for Dark Power Pro 12, leading to a better regulation and lower ripple noise for the Dark Power 12 models. This makes the Dark Power 12 series a paragon of efficiency and stability. Next to an unmatched efficient operation, the patented frameless fan concept with a Silent Wings fan guarantees an optimized cooling effect and a virtually inaudible operation. The overclocking key allows to manually switch between multi-rail and single-rail operation. All these features make the new Dark Power 12 series the most progressive power supply be quiet! has ever built.

Dark Power Pro 12

Dark Power 12


Energy Efficiency

  • 80 PLUS Titanium certification with an extremely high operating efficiency of up to 95.9%
  • Saving power means saving money, but it also means less waste heat, less cooling required, and overall quieter operation
  • Standby drain of less than 0.1 Watts
  • Meets Energy Star 7.0 guidelines and fulfills ErP guidelines
  • Zero-Load design that supports Intel’s Deep Power Down C6 and C7 modes

Virtually Inaudible Operation

  • Installed Silent Wings fan includes a wide array of electronic and mechanical optimizations for best-of-class airflow with very low noise production
  • PSU case has a large funnel-shaped air inlet facilitating high airflow intake
  • Optimized PSU airflow generates superior cooling at lower fan speeds, reducing turbulence and allowing even quieter operation
  • Variable fan speed is digitally controlled for Dark Power Pro 12 and optimally governed to strike the best balance between proper cooling and deep silence


  • LLC, Synchronous Rectifier (SR) and DC-to-DC power conversion circuitry design supports unmatched signal stability and unbeatable power efficiency
  • Overclocking key allows you to choose between multi-rail operation with four independent 12V rails and high-performance single-rail operation
  • Premium-quality Japanese capacitors rated at 105°C for maximum reliability and longevity
  • Increased output of 12V capacitors to minimize feedback sounds of graphics cards
  • Best protection for components against over-currents, over- and under-voltages, short circuits, overheating, overloads and voltage surges on input side
  • Stable performance during 24/7 operation

Highest Compatibility and Convenience

  • Supports the latest Intel® and AMD™ processors
  • Compatible with ATX12V 2.52 and EPS12V 2.92 standards
  • Up to ten PCIe connectors for powerful multi-GPU configurations 
  • Sleeved cable of up to 120cm are perfect for large PC cases and allow for improved cooling in any size case

Outstanding Service and Support

  • Ten-year manufacturer's warranty