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In order to ensure compatibility between an air cooler and the main memory, attention must be paid to the dimensions of both components. Here we present an overview of our air coolers and their RAM clearance.

The RAM clearance of our air coolers

Modern memory modules are often equipped with oversized heat sinks, and the ARGB lighting of these modules also creates larger units. Which obviously can lead to problems with the air cooler - because some cooler models (or their fans) protrude over the RAM slots and block them.

In order to ensure the compatibility of an air cooler and the RAM modules, the dimensions of the components must be taken into account. Either memory is chosen that fits within the space defined by the cooler, or the cooler model must offer the desired space due to its design.

    The following coolers offer maximum RAM clearance. This means that due to their compact design, they do not cover any RAM slots at the front or rear. The coolers are compatible with all RAM modules, regardless of their height.


      In this category are the particularly powerful or flat coolers, which may overlap RAM slots due to their size or design. If the height of the memory modules is paid attention to, all RAM banks can be equipped despite this.
      Depending on the model, the reason for the good RAM clearance is the asymmetrical design, the small width or the overall height. In addition, the specified space can be extended on some models by moving the fan upwards on the cooler.

      • Dark Rock Pro 4: RAM in the front: 40mm (46,8mm if fan is moved), RAM in the back: 46,8mm
      • Dark Rock Pro TR4: RAM in the front: 40mm (46,8mm if fan is moved), RAM in the back: 46,8mm
      • Dark Rock TF 2: RAM in the front: 49mm, RAM in the back: up to 49mm, depending on the orientation
      • Shadow Rock 3: RAM in the front: free, RAM in the back: 40mm
      • Shadow Rock TF 2: RAM in the front: 48,5mm, RAM in the back: up to 48,5mm, depending on the orientation

      The Dark Rock 4 is a special case. Unlike the Dark Rock Pro 4, in most cases the fan often overlaps the first RAM slot even with very flat memory modules. However, it is still possible to equip the first slot if the fan is attached to the cooler further up and the free space is taken into account when choosing the RAM. It must also be kept in mind that the height of the cooler will be greater. The rear RAM slots are free in any case.

      Due to its small format at the front, the Shadow Rock LP only offers space for RAM modules of up to 31.7mm in height.

      The exact dimensions of our coolers can be found on each product page under "Technical data". The infographic provides information about the exact measurements. The heights of the RAM modules are available on the respective manufacturer's pages. The motherboard must also be compatible and follow the standards. Which motherboards are compatible with which coolers can be found out with the help of our motherboard check tool.