Inside be quiet!

Which fan is the best for me?

Choosing a fan may seem trivial but it really is not. Just like with most things in life you will need tot hink hard beforehand what exactly you intend to do with it. This Inside be quiet! article is here to help you with that.

Our „Fans“ section on offers three distinctive categories: „High-End“ features the „Silent Wings“ series, „Premium“‘s got the „Shadow Wings 2“, and „Essential“ holds all information about our „Pure Wings 2“. But what does that mean exactly? Which be quiet! fan is the right one for you?

As usual your choice depends on the intended use. All of our fans may look similiar due to their airflow-optimized fan blades, and of course they all work in a similar fashion – but under the hood there are remarkable differences. The following pictures will help you decide which fan is the right one for you:

The Silent Wings 3 are our crown jewels, our all-rounders. They are extremely silent, have a high flow rate and create a lot of air pressure. You can install them decoupled or with a screw connection, its 6-pole motor and fluid dynamic bearing give them unprecedented performance and legendary silence – the first choice for high-end gamers, modders, ambitious overclockers and silence enthusiasts. But all of this makes them slightly more expensive than our other models. Available with or without PWM control, as a high-speed version and in 120 as well as 140 millimeters.

The Shadow Wings 2 are our silence wonders: Not only are they extremely quiet (14,7db(A) max!), they also deliver a very high cooling performance. They are available in two versions, 140mm and 120mm, with and without PWM. A low number of revolutions per minute as well as their anti-vibration mounting system makes them perfect for very silent PC builds.

Our Pure Wings 2 have in their 120 and 140mm models nine blades instead of seven – which gives them a higher air pressure which in turn makes them perfect for usage on radiators and heat sinks. Also they’re the least expensive of all three models. Available in four sizes from 8

0mm through 140mm, with or without PWM as well as in high-speed options for the 120mm and 140mm models.

The Silent Wings 2 are older models and only available in 80 as well as 92mm, with or without PWM. Of course they can be used in regular PCs as all of our fans but they’ve become very popular in different fields by now: They’re perfect for very compact Mini-PCs as well as custom-made A/V receivers demanding dependable and extremely quiet cooling.


Whatever be quiet! fan you end up choosing – you’ll get highest quality, excellent performance, astonishing silence, three years of warranty and the world-famous be quiet! reliability in any case.