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Which PSU is the right one for me?

The power supply is the basic foundation of every system configuration, the heart of the computer. But which one is the best for me? Which model do I need, how much Watts? We’re here to help you make the right choice.

When visiting the PSU area of our website you’ll find four groups: “Main”, “Advanced”, “High-End” and “Special Demand”. Let’s start with “Main”: Here are two PSUs which are perfect for the mainstream user – System Power 9 and Pure Power 11. Both system are tailored to users who are aiming for quiet and reliable operation at a bargain price. These are our entry-class models which omit luxury features but of course still offer the famous be quiet! quality – with an efficiency rating of up to 89% (80 Plus Bronze) in the case of the System Power 9 and even up to 92% (80 Plus Gold) with the Pure Power 11. Both models are available with up to 700 Watts power, the Pure Power 11 even offers optional cable management.
“Advanced” houses our Power Zone and Straight Power 11. Both are power supply units for the advanced user, offer fully modular cable management and up to 1000 Watts of power. As the name suggests, the Power Zone packs quite a punch on its 12V rail. The Straight Power 11 is our quietest PSU, due to its innovative cooling concept and Silent Wings 3 fan – also it offers an efficiency rating of up to 93% (80Plus Gold). Both PSUs are perfect for the demanding gamer and PC enthusiasts who expect excellence in their individual fields.
“High-End” is named so for a reason. Here you’ll find only the best of the best for the PC professional – which is our Dark Power Pro 11 flagship PSU. This is our no-compromise-no-holds-barred power supply for which only the very best was good enough: 94% efficiency rating (80Plus Platinum), up to 1200 Watts of power, cable management, near-inaudible operation due to its Silent Wings 3 fan, an “Overclocking” key for extreme overclocking needs and much, much more. The Dark Power Pro 11 is our most expensive PSU, but it is so for a reason – and that reason is that this is by far the best choice for the PC enthusiast who excepts nothing but the cream of the crop.
“Special Demands” if the home of the SFX Power and TFX Power 2 models. These are very value-priced compact PSUs for mini PCs or media systems – of course still offering the legendary be quiet! quality, silent operation, up to 600 Watts and 92% efficiency rating, and even fully modular cable management in the case of the SFX L Power model. A great choice for the ambitious tinkerer.


We’ve prepared a video which explains the differences between our PSU models in even greater detail – you can find it here:

If you’re not sure about what PSU or how many Watts you might need then our PSU Calculator is your best friend. Just enter your components – our system the reliably recommends the best power supply for your needs.