Series comparison


Silent Wings 3

  • High-speed and regular models (maximum speed 15.5 - 28.6dB(A))
  • Great performance-to-noise ratio
  • Unique 6-pole fan motor for less vibration
  • High air pressure thanks to a frame with funnel-shaped inlets
  • Durable, high-quality fluid-dynamic bearing (up to 300,000 operating hours)
Product Series

Shadow Wings 2

  • Whisper-quiet operation at low rpm (14.7-15.9db(A))
  • Airflow-optimized fan blade design
  • Noise absorbing anti-vibration concept
  • High-grade rifle-bearing technology (up to 80.000 operating hours)
Product Series

Light Wings

•    ARGB LED at the front and back
•    Silence optimized fan blades
•    Nine fan blades for high pressure, seven for high airflow
•    High-quality rifle-bearing (up to 60,000 operating hours)

Product Series

Pure Wings 2

  • Great price-performance ratio
  • Very quiet operation (maximum speed 18.2-20.2db(A))
  • Unique, airflow-optimized fan blade design
  • Up to nine silence-optimized fan blades
  • High-quality rifle-bearing (up to 80.000 operating hours)
Product Series